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Costa Rica


Coffee and Cacao – Costa Rica


  • Cacao Tour — This culinary adventure will take you to the historical roots of cacao growing during harvest. Not only will your chocolate making benefit from a much better understanding of cacao cultivation and processing but you will engage in spirited dialogue on the future of fine chocolate flavor.
  • Coffee Tour — Experience coffee through the ages; learn how coffee was discovered, traded and consumed, then stroll the lanes of an organic sustainable coffee plantation and learn the entire process of organic cultivation and harvest, including participating in the picking of coffee during our harvest Season (Oct- Jan.) We will then take you through the processing of coffee, including cleaning the berries and drying them, ending with roasting your own coffee in our roasting and packing house.

    Learn how the experts discern and rate gourmet coffee by participating in a “coffee cupping” (catación) session with a knowledgeable Barista and Coffee Tour Guide.

    Sit out on the spacious deck and enjoy the views of the volcanoes above and coffee fields below while sipping your cappuccino, enjoying fresh Rosa Blanca pastries and learning more about the benefits to the environment and the community of an organic sustainable coffee farm.

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